What is wellplay?

Our product is a digital platform for mental health support based on psychodrama methodology and AI.

Wellplay will enable mental health institutions to shorten long waiting lists by providing their patients with immediate help through our digital platform.
Some of the patients will get a comprehensive solution for their emotional condition, others will get an additional answer aimed at making their frontal therapy shorter and more effective.
Patients will get the opportunity to meet their inner “conflict” and “stressor” content visually 24/7 and conduct a unique externalized dialogue, which will lead to new insights and immediate relief.

WellPlay's five steps

Focus on the user`s issue of concern

Mentally warm up

Creating the dialogue

Highlighting the user's insights

Referral to relevant materials about the chosen topic

Focus on the user`s problem

Mentally warm up

Creating the dialogue

Highlighting the user's insights

Referral to relevant materials about the chosen topic

"You Can learn more about a person in an hour of


than a year of conversation"



You might have a few questions, Here Are Some Of The Most Frequestly Asked Ones:

 For users who receive therapy in an existing setting (clinic, hospital, association) and would like to optimize the therapy for themselves.

For therapists who provide therapy in an existing setting (clinic, hospital, association) and would like to streamline the therapy they provide.

Users who do not receive treatment and would like to experience psychiatric support as a stand-alone measure or as an intermediate means towards interpersonal treatment.

Naturally, each of us is a little different and therefore we need different solutions for our problems. In our view, Wellplay never came to replace interpersonal therapy, but to accelerate the therapy provided today in the various settings. The assistance of mental-digital support enables an anonymous, cheap, effective meeting without commitment. It can stand on its own and it can definitely be a bridge towards interpersonal-protective therapy in the Future.

At the most basic level psychodrama as a treatment method enables the action. Instead of talking theoretically about the things, the patient acts in the here and now and this allows for spontaneous work and a new perspective on the patient’s content. What was abstract and hidden becomes visible and concrete by dramatic tools. The connection now between psychodrama therapy and a digital platform expands the ability to create more compelling and accurate representations of the patient’s content.

It is important to note that the platform is designed to mentally support and empower its users. Whether it is individuals who go for regular mental health care or those who do not. In this context, it is suitable to support a range of problems and cover a wide spectrum of mental health difficulties excluding patients experiencing active psychosis. In any case, it does not replace interpersonal-frontal psychiatric treatment and it is not the answer to mental emergencies including a tendency to suicide or a desire to harm your environment. In these cases, you should contact the emergency centers (psychiatric emergency departments and emergency numbers for emergency mental health care by phone).

Psychodrama is an old treatment method developed by psychiatrist Yaakov Levy Moreno at the beginning of the last century. Psychodrama is recognized as part of the art therapy family and is common in mental health hospitals and private and public clinics around the world. In recent years psychodrama is becoming more prominent and its methodologies and outcomes are being increasingly researched in recognized universities around the globe.

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Wellplay is a self- help application designed to  support users in taking care of their emotional health. Wellplay does not provide  diagnosis, treatment, medical care or other professional services. If you are in life- threatening situation- don’t use this site.